Molloy, James Lyman



Irish composer of songs; was born at Cornolore, King's County, Ireland. Having taken the degree of M. A. at the Catholic University of Ireland he was called to the English bar in 1864, and is a member of the Southeastern Sessions and Brighton Circuit of the Middle Temple. He has written three operettas, Very Catching, The Student's Frolic, and My Aunt's Secret; and a great number of popular songs, among them being Blue Eyes; Colleen; Will o' the Wisp; Clang of the Wooden Schoon; Loves Old Sweet Song; Because I Do; Old Chelsea Pensioner; Irish Piper; Darby and Joan; Thady O'Flynn; Kerry Dance; Child's Vision; Old Sailor Wife; Vagabond; Carnival; Eily's Reason. He has also edited Irish Melodies, with new accompaniments, and has written a book called Our Autumn Holiday on French Rivers.