Moller, Joachim



Organist and notable composer of church-music, who in later years dropped his surname and was known as Joachim von Burck or von Burgk. He was born in Burgr, then under the government of the Bishop of Magdeburg. His teacher was Hermann Noncus, but most of his musical knowledge was gained through careful study of the works of Orlando di Lasso, whom he greatly admired and tried to imitate. In 1566 he became cantor of the Church of St. Blasius at Mühlhausen, where he remained until his death, and where he was succeeded by many famous musicians, among them John Sebastian Bach. He was also Symphonista of Mühlhausen and Alderman of the City Council, which in 1626 published at the expense of the city all the odes and hymns of Helmbold edited by him in a collection of six volumes. Schoberlein's Schatz contains many of his hymn arrangements, partly in motet and partly in choral form. Some of his compositions are Die Deutsche Passion, dedicated to the Lutheran Cathedral Chapter at Magdeburg; several books of Odae Sacrae of Helmbold; Harmonise sacrae tan viva voce quam instruments; Sacro Cantiones; Passio Jesu Christi; twenty Deutsche Liedlein; Crepundia Sacra, a collection of school songs; thirty Geistlische Lieder; Symbolum Apostolicum Nicaeum; Te Deum laudamus, and many other church compositions.