Miry, Karel



Writer of operas; born at Ghent, where he studied harmony and counterpoint of Mengal, and later of Gevaert at the Ghent Conservatory, afterward going to Paris to complete his education, but returning to Ghent to lead an orchestra in one of the local theatres. In 1857 he was appointed professor of counterpoint and composition at the Conservatory. He wrote eighteen Flemish operas and operettas for Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, among these being Brigitta, La Lanterne magique and Charles-Quint, Bouchard d'Avesnes, Maria van Burgondie, De Keizer bij de Boeren, De occasie maakt den dief, Brutus en Cesar, Le Manage de Marguerite, La Saint Lucas, given in Ghent; Anne Mie, Ees Engel op Wacht, Drie Koningen Avond, in Antwerp; Frans Ackerman, Het Driekoningenfeest, La rose d'or, Le poete et son ideal, Twee zusters, in Brussels. Also the ballets, La bouquetiere, La fee des eaux, and Klida.