Milder-Hauptmann, Pauline Anna



Dramatic soprano, with a voice of wonderful strength and beauty. Was born at Constantinople. She was living in Vienna as a maid to a lady of high rank when the manager, Schikaneder, found her and persuaded her to study for opera, offering to take charge of her musical education and debut. She became a pupil of Tomascelli, and later of Salien, and made her debut in 1803 as Juno in Der Spiegel von Arkadien by Süssmayer. Owing to her commanding presence and really magnificent voice she was immediately successful and obtained a position to sing at the Imperial Court Theatre. After a tour in 1808, in which she was enthusiastically received wherever she sang, she returned to Vienna and was immediatley engaged as prima donna. In 1810 she married Herr Hauptmann. In 1812 she appeared in Berlin in Iphigenia in Tauris, by Gluck, scoring such a triumph that in 1816 she was offered a permanent contract with the Royal Theatre of that city. This position she held until 1829, when, owing to constant disagreements with Spontini, the director, she left the company and traveled in Sweden, Denmark and f Russia. Her last appearance was in Vienna in 1836, and her death occurred two years later in Berlin. Mme. Milder-Hauptmann had a marvelous voice, but she was indolent and capricious and did not work or study conscientiously. Cherubini wrote Faniska, and Beethoven, Leonore in Fidelio especially for her. She appeared to best advantage in such roles as Iphigenia, Armida and Alcestis.