Mikuli, Karl



Teacher and musical writer, best known for his edition of Chopin's works, which contains copies of marginal comments made by Chopin on Mikuli's student copies of that master's works, and which is in consequence considered standard. He was born in Czernowitz, Bukowina, and in 1839 went to Vienna as a student of medicine. He soon turned to music, however, and in 1844 went to Paris to study piano under Chopin, and composition under Reicha, returning to his own country in 1848. He toured Russia, Romania, Galicia, and in 1858 was appointed artistic director of the Leipsic Conservatory, leaving and founding a school of his own in 1888. Besides his edition of Chopin's works he has published several pieces which show the influence of that master. In 1858 he became director of the Galician Society.