Mickwitz, Harold von



Talented pianist; born at Helsingfors, Finland, of German parentage. Began studying the piano at five and composed a number of works before he was eight. At the St. Petersburg Conservatory he studied under Ark, Johansen Brassin, and Rimsky-Korsakov; then in 1880 he went to Vienna for three years' study with Leschetiszky. In 1886 he obtained the position of teacher of advanced piano classes at Karlsruhe Conservatory, and in 1893 he accepted a similar position at Wiesbaden Conservatory. In 1897 he accepted the directorship of the North Texas Conservatory at Sherman, Texas. In 1905 Mr. Von Mickwitz came to Chicago, where he has been at the head of the piano department of the Bush Temple of Music. He intends, however, to return to Sherman, Texas, to the Conservatory, which is practically his own creation. He has published elegant piano-music, somewhat in the style in which Tschaikowsky wrote.