Micheli, Romano



Italian contrapuntist and writer of church-music; born in Rome. He studied music under Francesco Soriano and Nanini, and traveled to Milan, Ferrara, Bologna, Venice, Florence and Naples in order to meet all the great musicians of the time and learn of them. He became a priest and for a while was sent to Aquileia, in 1616 was maestro di capella at Concordia, Modena, and in 1625 returned to Rome to became maestro di cappella at San Luigi de' Francesi. He was a writer of canons and other forms of church-music and is the author of the following: Musica vaga ed artificiosa; Madrigale a sei voci in canoni; Canoni musicali composti sopra le vocali di piu parole; La potesta pontifica diritta della Sanctissima Trinita compieta a sei voci, and Letere di Romano Micheli romano alii musici della Cappella di N. S. ed altri musici romani, which explains a kind of canon he had invented; many masses; psalms; responses, and such compositions.