Merkel, Gustav Adolf



One of the best organists and organ compoters of the Nineteenth Century; born at Oberoderwitz, Saxony. He studied the organ under Johann Schneider and counterpoint under Julius Otto, and was also a pupil of Schumann and Reisiger. In 1858 he was made organist of the Waisenhauskirche at Dresden; in 1860 of the Kreuzkirche, and in 1864 he was appointed Court organist. From 1867 to 1873 he directed the Singakademie at Dresden, and in 1861 he became a professor at the Dresden Conservatory. The number of his compositions reached one hundred and eighty and were of such very high standard as to prove him a true disciple of the lofty Bach. Among his writings are a large number of fugues, preludes, variations, fantasies, and sonatas; also some compositions for organ, violin, and violoncello.