Menter, Sophie



Daughter of Joseph Menter; a piano player and teacher; born at Munich. Showed her musical ability very early, studying first with Schonchen, later with Leonhard at Munich Conservatory, then at the age of thirteen taking private lessons of Niest. % In 1863 she made her debut, and in 1867 she appeared at Frankfort, where she so impressed Tausig that he prevailed upon her to come to Leipsic as his pupil. In 1869 she began studying with Liszt, who was much interested in her, and contributed much to her musical education. In 1872 she married David Popper, a violoncellist, but was divorced in 1886. She was pianist at the Court of Prince of Hohenzollern and the Emperor of Austria, and from 1883 to 1887 she was professor at the Conservatory at St. Petersburg. She appeared in England in 1881. She is noted for her wonderful style and technique.