Mendel, Hermann



Interesting as a writer of the most comprehensive musical lexicon which has yet been published; was born at Halle. At Leipsic he studied under Moscheles and Mendelssohn, and at Berlin under Wieprecht. He had a musical business in Berlin from 1862 to 1868, besides contributing to such periodicals as The Echo, Der Tonhalle, the Berliner Montageszeitung and Theaterdiener. He was editor of Deutsche Musiker Zeitung, which published his short biography of Nicolai. He wrote a biography of Meyerbeer, entitled G. Meyerbeer, his Life and Works, and a Volkliederbuch, and edited Mode's Opernbibiothek. He died in Berlin, before completing his dictionary, which in eleven volumes was edited by Dr. August Reimann.