Mazzucato, Alberto



Dramatic composer, teacher and musical writer; born at Udine, Fruili. He became the pupil of Bresciano at Padua, where in 1834 he produced his first opera, La Fidanzeta di Lammermoor. This was temporarily successful, as were several other operas which followed. In 1839 he was appointed instructor in singing at Milan Conservatory, and in 1851 he taught composition there. In 1852 he became lecturer on history of music and aesthetics, and in 1872 director, succeeding Lauro Rossi. He was editor of the Gazzetta Musicale for some years, besides writing principi elementari di musica di Asioli, reformati ed ampliati; an Atlas of Ancient Music; a Trottato d'estetica musicale; and Italian translations of musical works. His operas are La Fidanzeta di Lammermoor; Esmeralda; I due sergenti, and I corsari.