Kauffmann, Emil


Son of Ernst Friedrich Kauffmann; is a violinist, teacher, and composer. He was born in his father's native town, Ludwigsburg. He studied in the Stuttgart Conservatory under Keller, Faiszt, Jung and Singer. In 1863 he joined the Court Orchestra as violinist. From 1868 until 1877 he taught in the music school at Basel. Since 1877 he has filled the position of director of music at Tubingen University, where in 1885 he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. He has written over sixty songs; male choruses; sonatas and other pianopieces; also several essays, among them Entwickelung der Ton Kunst von der Mitte des Achtzehnten Jahrhunderts bis zur Gegenwart, and Justinus Heinrich Kenecht; ein schwabischer Tonsetter. As a writer he also contributed to the Musikalisches Wochenblatt of Leipsic.