Juon, Paul


Russian composer, residing in Germany. Born at Moscow, and studied at the Conservatory. Hrimaly instructed him in violin, and Taneiev and Arensky in harmony. Later went to the Hochschule at Berlin, where he was given the Mendelssohn scholarship, finishing his studies there under Woldemar Bargiel. He taught for a short time at Baku, but soon returned to Berlin. Has written two symphonies; some music for string orchestra; a string and piano sextet; violin and viola sonata; and two string quartets. He has composed pianomusic in small forms, of which Satyrs of Nymphs; preludes and capriccios; and concert pieces have become known. His symphony in A was produced at a Promenade concert in London in 1904, and at a concert of the Philharmonic in 1905. His themes are Russian, developed in German style.