Jullien, Jean Lucien Adolphe


French musical critic; born at Paris. Studied music with Bienaime. Has been musical critic for the Revue et Gazette Musical, the Chronique Musical, Le Menestrel and a number of others. Succeeded Berlioz and Reyer on the staff of the Journal des Debats and has been on the Moniteur Universel since 1887. Wrote many historical and critical articles, among them being L'Opera in 1788; La Musique et les Philosophes au XVIII Siecle; La comedie a la cour de Louis XVI; A Potentate Musical; Weber a Paris; Airs varies: histoire, critique, biographic musicales et dramatiques; L'figlise et 1'Opera en 1735; MarieAntoinette et Sacchini, Salieri, Favart et Gluck; Histoire des Costumes au Theatre; Goethe et la Musique; Musiciens d' aujourd'hui. His two greatest works are Richard Wagner, savie et ses ceuvres; and Hector Berlioz.  Contributed to Grove's Dictionary and wrote the life of Berlioz in Famous Composers and their Works, edited by Professor Paine and his associates.