Joseffy, Rafael


Celebrated pianist and teacher; born in Hungary at Miskolcz, near Presburg, or according to Grove, at Hunfalu. He began to take piano-lessons at eight, and later studied under Brauer in Budapest. Became a pupil of the Leipsic Conservatory, studying  under Wenzel and Moscheles there, then with Tausig in Berlin, and spent the summers of 1870 and 1871 with Liszt at Weimar. Made his debut in Berlin in 1872. Toured Holland, Germany and Austria. In 1879 he made his New York debut with the Damrosch Orchestra, appeared in concerts of the Philharmonic, and toured with Theodore Thomas. In 1899 was appointed professor of piano at the National Conservatory. His repertory includes the works of all the master composers for the piano, especially Brahms. In 1902, published the School of Advanced Piano Playing. Has composed some small pieces for the pianOj Hungarian Album, containing six pieces; an Idylle; Dei Muhle; Marche Turque; polkas nobles; a mazurka; waltzes; concert-pieces, etc.; and edited  an altered version of the Czerny unison of Tschaikowsky, and other piano works. Kelley dedicated to him his Headless Horseman, because Joseffy's home is at North Tarrytown, near Sleepy Hollow.