Joncieres, Felix Ludger Victorin de


French composer and critic, whose real name was Felix Ludger Rossignol. Born and died at Paris. His father was a journalist, and Victorin set out to be a painter, but when his Sicilien, after Moliere, was played by the students at ficole Lyrique in 1859, he was advised to study music. He studied at the Conservatory and from 1871 was critic on the staff of La  Liberte". Became Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1877. Was president of the Music Composers' Society and a public instructor. His first two operas, Sardanapale and Le Dernier Jour de Pompei were practically failures, as was also La Reine Berthe. His best opera was Dimitri. Le Chevalier Jean was well received in Germany, but was not a success in Paris. His last opera was Lancelot du Lac. Among his other works are incidental music to Hamlet; La Mer, a symphonic ode; a Chinese piece, Li Tsin; a romantic symphony; a suite for orchestra, Les Nubiennes; a concert overture; Hungarian serenade; and a Slavonic march.