Joachim, Amalie Weiss


Celebrated concert singer and former operatic performer. Born at Marburg, Styria. She made her first appearance in opera at Troppau in 1853; then went to Hermannstadt and Vienna, 18S4, where she played at the Karnthner Theatre under the name of Weiss. Her real name was Schneeweiss. She was engaged at the Royal Opera House at Hanover in 1862. Made her farewell the next year as Fidelio, her first contralto part, having hitherto sung first and second soprano. She then married Joseph Joachim and took up concert singing. Her mezzo is at its best in the cantatas and oratorios of Bach, Handel and Mendelssohn, and the songs of Beethoven, Brahms, Franz, Rubinstein, Schubert and Schumann, the latter of whom she interpreted wonderfully.