Jannaconi, Giuseppe


Sometimes spelled Janaconi. Italian composer of church-music; about the last of the Roman School. Born and died at Rome. He studied with Rinaldini and Carpani and his friend, Pisari, with whom he scored many of the works of his favorite, Palestrina. From 1811 to the time of his death he was chapelmaster of St. Peter's Cathedral. He established a school of composition, and had among his pupils Baini and Basili. Among Jannaconi's works are over thirty masses, ranging for from two to sixteen voices, some with organ or orchestral accompaniments, some without; a Te Deum; a Tu es Petrus; a Dixit Dominus; a Magnificat; nearly fifty psalms for from four to eight voices, ten with orchestra; many motets; offertories; anthems; a canon for sixty-four voices, and others of from four to twenty-four parts; Ecce terrae Motus, for six basses; and a tenor and bass oratorio, L'Agonia di Gesu Christo. Some of his works in manuscript are in Santini College, Rome, and a few in libraries in other countries.