Jakabowski, Eduard

Dramatic composer, residing in London. He is the composer of Ermine, a musical comedy, first presented at the Grand Theatre, Birmingham, and then at the Comedy Theatre, London, in 1885. It has since been played almost three thousand times, so popular has it become. Its first performance in New York took place at the Casino, March 10, 1886. The libretto of Ermine was written by Bellamy and Paulton, the latter of whom is also author of the text of Jakabowski's operetta, Paolo, which was not so successful. The music of Ermine is light and charming, the  most pleasing number being the lullaby, Dear Mother, in Dreams I See Her. Ermine was revived in America in 1904 by Francis Wilson, its original star. Other operas by Jakabowski are The Three Beggars, and Dick. With Stanislaus, he wrote The Palace of Pearl. Mynheer Jan, for which he wrote the music, was followed by La Rosiere, and A Venetian Singer, in one act. He also composed six songs.