Jadin, Louis Emmanuel


Prolific operatic composer, conductor, violinist, and, at the time, the best accompanist in Paris. Brother of the preceding; born at Versailles. His father taught him to play the violin, and from his brother he learned to play the piano. From 1789 to 1791 he was accompanist in the Theatre de Monsieur, where he brought out his Jeconde in 1790. He wrote hymns, marches and patriotic songs for the band of the National Guard, which he joined in 1792. After Hyacinthe's death he took his place as professor of piano at the Paris Conservatory. Became leader of the orchestra at the Moliere Theatre in 1806; was master of the pages at the Royal Chapel from 1814 to 1830, and a member of the Legion of Honor. He died at Paris. Of his thirty or forty light operas, Jeconde; L'heureux stratageme; Mohamet II.; Mariage  de la Veille; Ruse contra Ruse, probably his first; Les Talismans; and Les deux lettres may be mentioned, though Jeconde and Mohamet II. alone remain known. He also wrote cantatas; symphonies; overtures; and fourteen collections of airs for solo voice. He is best known for his chamber-music, including concertos; sonatas; trios; and string quartets. He was one of the first to compose for two pianos.