Jacobsohn, Simon E.


Russian violinist of note; born at Mitau, Kurland. He first studied the violin in his native village. When he reached his fifteenth year, through the aid of friends, he was enabled to go to Riga, where he made rapid progress under Weller. He was later a pupil of the Leipsic Conservatory, and made a reputation as soloist at the Gewandhaus concerts in that city. He returned to Mitau; gave concerts in western Russia with great success; toured other parts of Europe, and became concertmaster at Bremen in 1860. In 1872 he came to America as soloist in the Thomas Orchestra New York, and played at concerts through the country, being well received. In 1878 he left Thomas to become professor of the violin in the Cincinnati College of Music. Founded a violin school there, which later became the violin department of the Chicago Musical College. In 1900 he became associate director of the Chicago Musical College. He died in Chicago in 1902. Max Bendix, who is perhaps his most successful pupil, became concertmaster of the Thomas Orchestra when only seventeen.