Jackson, Leonore


Noted American violinist; resident in London.  She was born in Boston, but was raised in Chicago, and there began her musical studies, under Carl Becker, when only six years old. Six years of study under him were followed by two under Jacobsohn. She then went abroad with her mother, who was her constant companion. She studied one year under Desjardins and Dancla at the Paris Conservatory, and then entered the Hochschule in Berlin, from which she graduted after several years of instruction, first with Carl Markees, and later under Joachim, with whom she was a favorite. She also had some repertory study under Halir. She made her debut at the Berlin Philharmonic in 1896, and was awarded the Mendelssohn State Prize in 1897. At London she made her first appearance, in 1898, at a Queen's Hall Symphony concert. Her European reputation is great, and she has played with the venerable associations of numerous cities, notably the Gewandhaus at Leipsic, the London Philharmonic and the Crystal Palace concerts, the Kaim Orchestra at Munich, and the Colonne and Lamoureux concerts at Paris, and in conjunction with Patti, Paderewski, and other famous musicians. In 1900 and 1901 she toured the United States, playing with the Boston Symphony and the New York Philharmonic Orchestras, and in Chicago, Cincinnati, Pittsburg and St. Louis. She has also played before the Empress of Germany, King Oscar II. of Sweden, Duke Alexis of Russia, and Queen Victoria, the latter of whom decorated her with the Victorian Star. Her technique - is excellent and her tone beautiful in quality. Her large repertory includes many of Bach's works, and the Paganini Concerto in D.