Ingegneri, Marc Antonio

Sometimes spelled Ingigneri, Ingenierius or Ingignerius. He was an Italian composer of the Sixteenth Century. Verona, Pordenone and Cremona, all in the vicinity of Venice, and that city itself, are given by different authorities as his birthplace. The date of his birth is not certain, ranging from 1540 to 1550. Where he died is not known, but the dates 1592 and 1603 are variously given. He was chapelmaster of the Cremona Cathedral at some period in the third quarter of the century, and is also  said by some authorities to have been in the service of the Duke of Mantua. He wrote two volumes entitled Sacrae cantiones; two books of masses; several books, and some separate madrigals; and motets, three of which, Surrexit Pastor Bonus, Duo Seraphim, and Hsec Dies, are said to have been published recently, in Dehn's Sammlung Aelterer Musik, and Commer's and Haberl's Musica Sacra, respectively. The work for which Ingegneri is interesting is a volume of twenty-seven excellent responses, which until 1897 were attributed to Palestrina.