Hopkins, Edward John


Church composer and one of the best authorities on organ construction; he is best known by his publication, with Dr. Rimbault, of The Organ, Its History and Construction. He was born in Westminster, and when eight years old became a chorister of the Chapel Royal under William Hawes. Upon leaving the choir he studied under Thomas Forbes Walmisley. He held various posts as organist in London, in 1843 being appointed to the Temple Church, where he gained a high reputation. He was also unrivaled as an accompanist. In 1882 he obtained the degree of Doctor of Music from the Archbishop of Canterbury, and four years later the same from the University of Toronto. He was professor of organ at the Royal Normal College for the Blind, Upper Norwood, London, His compositions include anthems; chants; psalm tuners ; and church services. His anthems, Out of the Deep, and, God is Gone Up, obtained Gresham prize medals. A duet, May day, and a trio, Welcome, are also his work. Hopkins had sung at the coronation of William IV., in 1831, and he lived to be in the choir at the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, in 1897. Upon his completion of fifty years' service as organist of the Temple, in 1893, he had a presentation from the Benchers.