Hol, Richard


Composer, organist and pianist of the modern romantic German school. Was born in Amsterdam, where, after public appearances abroad as pianist, he became a teacher of music, director of the Amstells Mannerchor in 1856, and of the Society for the Promotion of Music in 1857. He then went to Utrecht as city music director, and in 1869 was appointed organist of the cathedral there, and director of school music in 1875. The order of the Oaken Crown and of the Golden Lion were conferred on him and he was also elected Officer of the French Academy. Hoi is ranked among the foremost Dutch composers, and has won much distinction as a musical conductor, teacher and writer. He has contributed to the Dutch Musical Journal Cicilia, and has written a monograph on J. P. Sweelinck. His compositions include an oratorio, David; an opera, Floris V.; masses; songs; symphonies; ballets; and male chorus.