Hervey, Arthur


Hervey is equally well known as a composer and musical critic. Born in Paris of Irish parentage. He was educated to enter the diplomatic service, but in 1880 turned his attention to music. He studied violin under Berthold Tours. Between the years of 1889 and 1892 he held the position of musical critic to Vanity Fair, and resigned to fill a like position on the Morning Post. His compositions are of much excellence and show truly poetic gifts. Among his best works are Fairy's Post-Box, a one-act opera to Pelgrave Simpson's words; several sets of beautiful songs; Love of My Life; May Song; and Mine All; a dramatic overture, Love and Fate, which shows him master of the orchestra; three tone-poems, On the Heights, On the March, and In the East; Youth, an overture; a graceful romance for violin; and other popular violin-pieces. Hervey has also written two books, Masters of French Music, and French Music of the Nineteenth Century.