Hennig, Karl Rafael


Son of Karl Hennig, an organist and composer of Berlin. At first a law student but naturally inclined to music and became a pupil of Richter at Leipsic and of Kiel in Berlin. Was a teacher in the Wandelt Institute of Music in Berlin in 1868; in 1869, was appointed organist of St. Paul's Church at Posen, which position he retained until 1875. In 1873, founded the Hennig Vocal Society. He next became an instructor in the Institute for Female Teachers; in 1883 Royal music-director, and in 1892 Royal professor. He is known not only as a teacher but as a composer of a cantata, the 190th Psalm; piano sonatas; songs; male and female choruses; and for his writings on method of instruction in singing; a treatise on song register from a physiological basis; and a deep analytical study of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Missa Solemnis.