Heinrich, Max


Contemporary German singer, for many years has resided in America. He possesses a barytone voice of wide range, has appeared very often in oratorio, having sung in Elijah more than two hundred times. He has created the deepest interest in the classics of Schubert, Schumann, Franz, Brahms, Strauss, MacDowell and other of the great composers; by his fine conceptions of the compositions of these masters he has inculcated a love for classic music in thousands of students and music-lovers. The accompaniments to his singing he plays himself, the only professional singer with the exception of George Henschel to do this. Max Heinrich was born in Chemnitz, Germany, studied at the Dresden Conservatory, at the age of twenty came to America, resided first in Philadelphia, has resided also in Boston, New York and Chicago. His first success was under Dr. Leopold Damrosch in New York, in Elijah. He sang with the Metropolitan Grand Opera Company, but has been especially distinguished in the oratorio and concert field. At the Auditorium, Chicago, when Richard Strauss played his own composition, Enoch Arden, Mr. Heinrich recited the poem. At recitals he presents the melodramas, Enoch Arden, Poe's Raven and Waller's Magdalena or the Spanish Duel, the last two set to music by himself; while performing these works the accompaniments are played by his daughter, Miss Julia Heinrich. He has also composed a number of songs. He has toured the United States, Canada and Europe for a number of years. From 1888 to 1893 was professor of singing at the Royal Academy of Music, London. His service as a teacher is notable, various distinguished artists have coached under him.