Heinichen, Johann David


Born at Krossuln, Weissenfels, and was a pupil of Shelle and of Kuhman at St. Thomas School, Leipsic. His study of thorough-bass, which he called Neu erfundene und Grundliche Anweisung, in 1711, attracted much attention, and because of its merit Buchta, Councillor of Zeitz, sent him to Italy. While in Venice he produced several operas. He traveled with the Prince of Anhalt-Kothen and through his influence was appointed musician to Augustus the Strong, of Dresden. A quarrel with Senisino, former Court musician, led to the disorganization of the opera company of Dresden, by the King, shortly after Heinichen received the appointment. He then devoted himself to the sacred music of the court. In the Royal Library of Berlin are a number of his compositions including Requiem masses; Gloria; Te Deum; and cantatas. In the Royal Library of Dresden are three of his operas; fifty-seven cantatas; eleven concertos, seven masses; two requiems and six serenades. He was celebrated as a contrapuntist.