Heermann, Hugo


Great contemporary German violinist and teacher. He was born at Heilbronn, in Wurtemburg, Germany. Studied at the Brussels Conservatory under Meerts for five years, later studied under De Beriot, Leonard and Vieuxtemps, finished work under Joachim. He began his career as concert violinist; his unusual talent was recognized everywhere. He won warm appreciation in Germany, Austria, Russia and the Netherlands. Notwithstanding his success he preferred the life of teacher, orchestral player and chamber musician. In 1878, accepted the position of head of the violin department in the Hoch Conservatory at Frankfort-on-Main. At the Museum Symphony concerts in  Frankfort he was the regular soloist, and was head of the famous Heermann String Quartet. His fame is world-wide. He has played in every country of Europe, toured two seasons in the United States and recently made a concert journey around the world. He is now head of the violin department of the Chicago Musical College. As a teacher he has had distinguished success; many of the foremost violinists of the day have been his pupils.