Hebenstreit, Pantaleon


Hebenstreit, a violinist, was born in Eisleben. Authorities differ as to the date of birth, but it was probably near the year 1669. He was Court violinist at Dresden, but is perhaps better known as the inventor of an improved dulcimer, which he made at Meresburg and exhibited with success in Paris in 1705. Louis XIV. named the instrument pantaleon after its maker. With the evolution of the piano, his instrument disappeared. In 1706 Hebenstreit was appointed Court chorister at Eisenbach, and in 1814 chamber musician at Dresden. He became celebrated for his performances on the pantaleon but finally gave it up in favor of his pupil Richter. Some of his compositions were commended by Telemann, but all that is now in existence is a series of overtures for the pantaleon and other instruments. Hebenstreit died in Dresden in 1750.