Hayes, William


A distinguished organist and composer; born in Hanbury, Worcestershire. Hayes was chorister of the Cathedral in Glasgow, organist of St. Mary's Church at Shrewsbury and of Worcester Cathedral, organist and chorister of Magdalen College. In 1735 he graduated at Oxford as Bachelor of Music, became Professor of Music and in 1749 Doctor of Music. He is best known as a writer of glees, though some of his churchmusic is still used in the cathedrals of England. Doctor Hayes died in Oxford in 1777. His second son, Philip, 1738 to 1797, was the composer of several anthems; organist of Magdalen College; professor of music at the University, and Doctor of Music in 1777. He did not possess the talent of his father, but was quite distinguished, as a musician, in Oxford. William, junior, third son, 1741 to 1790, graduated from Magdalen Hall as B.A., became minor canon of St. Paul's Cathedral, and then vicar of Tillingham, Essex. He contributed an article on Cathedral Music to the Gentleman's Magazine. Dr. Hayes and his sons are considered typical musicians of the Eighteenth Century.