Hausmann, Robert


Distinguished violoncellist; born at Rottleberode in the Harz Mountains; began his studies at the age of eight in the Brunswick Gymnasium. He was a pupil of Theodore Muller, leader of the famous Muller Quartet. When the Hochschule for music was opened in 1869 he became a pupil of Wilhelm Muller, under Joachim's guidance. He was desirous of studying with Piatti, and finally, through Joachim, secured an introduction and became Piatti's pupil, both in London and Italy. From 1872 to 1876 Hausmann was cellist in the Hochberg Quartet in Dresden, was then appointed professor of the violoncello at the Hochschule, and when Muller resigned, Hausmann filled his position at the head of the school. In 1879 he became cellist of Joachim's well-known quartet. Hausmann is one of the musicians connected with the development of music during the latter part of the Nineteenth Century and is distinguished as an ac- complished artist, possessing great command over the technique of his instrument, and an unusually powerful tone. He has become well known in London for his rendering of some of Brahms' later compositions.