Hauser, Miska


Hauser, a famous Hungarian violinist and composer, was born in Presburg. The greater part of his musical education he received at Vienna. Bohm, Mayseder, Kreutzer and Sechter were at different times his instructors. While still a lad he toured through the world; in 1840 through Germany, Sweden, Norway and Russia; in 1850 London, California and South America; and was in Australia from 1853 to 1858. In Italy, in 1860, he was feted by King Victor; and in Turkey he was especially triumphant. Hauser appeared in public for the last time in Cologne in 1874, and died in 1887 in Vienna. His composition, Song without words, for violin, and some Hungarian rhapsodies are his most important works. He wrote, in the form of letters for a Vienna paper, an account of his tour in America, which he called The Wanderings of a Virtuoso.