Hatton, John Liptrot


Born in Liverpool and early showed talent for composition. Though he had some instruction, he may be said to be self-taught. He went to London in 1832, and while conductor of the Drury Lane Theatre produced his first operetta, The Queen of the Thames, m 1844. Going to Vienna the same year he produced there his Pascal Bruno, probably his greatest success. Returning to England he published several songs under the pen-name of Czapek, and these met with much success. He was for some years director of music at the Princess Theatre under Charles Kean, and while there composed much music incidental to plays. He also composed two Cathedral services; eight anthems and a mass; Rose, or Love's Ransom, an opera produced at Covent Garden, 1864, and Robin Hood, a cantata. One of his latest successes was the sacred drama of Hezekiah, produced at the Crystal Palace, 1877. He died at Margate.