Hartog, Edouard de


Dramatic composer; born in Amsterdam. He studied under Mme. Dulcken, Dohler, Hoch and Bartelmann, afterwards in Paris under Ehvart and Litolff and from 1849 to 1852 under Heinze and Damcke. He took up his residence in Paris in 1852, where he taught composition, harmony and piano. While here he produced his music to Portia at the Societe de Sainte-Cecile. He is a member of the Netherland Society for the Encouragement of Music, and was one of the collaborators of Pougin's Supplement to the Biographic Universelle des Musiciens. He belongs to the orders of the Oaken Crown and of Leopold. His first comic opera, Le Mariage de Don Lope, was produced in 1865 at the Lyric Theatre, Paris. L' Amour et son Hote appeared in Brussels in 1873. Some of his other productions are The 43d Psalm, for solos, chorus, and orchestra; La Foret, for the same; Prologue symphonique to Schiller's Maid of Orleans; mass with orchestra; symphony for full orchestra; two concert overtures (Macbeth and Pompee).