Hartmann, Johann Peter Emilius


An eminent Danish composer; born in Copenhagen. He received his first musical instruction from his father, who was an organist. He also studied law, which profession he practised for a time, but his talent as a composer drew him more and more to music and in 1832 he produced his first opera, The Raven. This was followed by The Golden Horns, The Corsairs, and Liden Kirsten. In 1836 he visited Germany to study music and while at Cassel produced, among other things, a symphony, dedicated to Spohr. In 1840 he became director of the Copenhagen Conservatory, and in 1849 was made Royal chapelmaster. The fiftieth anniversary of his musical career was celebrated in 1874 by a grand concert, a Hartmann scholarship was founded, and he received the Dannebrog order. The honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy, was conferred upon him by the Copenhagen University on its jubilee.