Harris, William Victor


American musician and composer; born in New York and, when young, was well-known as a boy-soprano. He attended the College of the City of New York, graduating in 1888. Pupil of Charles Blum on the piano from 1879 to 1886; of Wm. Courtney for the V9ice, 1887 to 1891; of Frederick Schilling in harmony and composition, 1890 to 1892; and of Anton Seidl, conducting, 1895 to 1896. Developing into what he calls the " usual career " of organist, pianist and teacher of the voice, he was organist in various churches in Tuxedo Park, Brooklyn and New York. In 1895 and 1896 he acted as the assistant conductor to Anton Seidl in the Brighton Beach summer conceits. He is most widely known as an accompanist, one of the best in the country. He has acted as conductor and teacher to best known artists in America. His A Nightsong is possibly his best work; A Song of Four Seasons is delightful, and Love Within the Lover's Breast is superb. He published more than fifty compositions, mostly songs, many of which are constantly sung in concerts.