Hardelot, Guy d' (Mrs. Rhodes)

French composer of songs, of French ancestry and birth, being born at the Chateau d'Hardelot, about seven miles from Boulogne-sur-Mer. Her childhood was spent in a Norman castle and her youth in Paris and London, studying music. She studied composition with Clarence Lucas, to whom she gives credit for developing individuality. After her marriage she became a resident of London, where she became known by her husband's name (Rhodes), though her compositions were always published under the signature of D'Hardelot. Having met with reverses she was forced to earn a living by teaching. She has three excellent guiding maxims, "Avoid familiar things, choose words so clear that people can see the picture, and be sure that the climax comes at the end." With her first publication, the melancholy and dramatic Sans toi, her reputation was established, and Melba, Pol Planc.on and Calve popularized her songs throughout the world, particularly in the United States and England. She succeeds in combining the elegance and lightness of the French School with the naivete of the English ballad. The long list of her lyrics, ranging from gayest humor to pathetic sentiment, includes the widely known Mignon; Vos Yeux; Say Yes; Chansons de Ma Vie; La Fermiere; Valse des Libellules and many others. Her otiy attempt at something larger is the operetta, Elle et Lui. She has composed some acting songs for Calve, as The Fan. They are great friends, having toured America together, also appearing together before Queen Victoria, at Windsor. Mrs. Rhodes sings herself with perfect diction, her voice being attractive, though light.