Hanslick, Eduard


Celebrated critic and writer of musical aesthetics whose work, Vom musikalisch-Schonen, published in 1854, has been translated into five languages and in Germany reached its ninth edition. Born in Prague, he studied law and philosophy there and also in Vienna where he took his Doctor's degree in 1849 and was appointed professor of music to the University of Vienna. He was appointed tutor of aesthetics and musical history in 1856; in 1861, professor extraordinary, and in 1870 became a regular professor. He received his first musical training under Tomaschek at Prague. Having become a musical critic at Vienna, he wrote for the Wiener Zeitung in 1849 and afterwards for other musical papers, the Presse, and the Neue Freie Presse. As a member of the musical department of the Exhibitions of Pans, 1867 and 1878 and Vienna, 1873 and 1892, he used all of his influence to assist the musical instrument-makers of Austria. In 1876 he was appointed a member of the Imperial Council. Some time before he received the order of the Iron Crown and the title of K. K. Hofrath was conferred on him in 1886. He gave public lectures on the history of music in Vienna. Between the years 1854 and 1900, Hanslick produced many works and in 1895 he edited Billroth's Wer ist musikalisch, retiring from active life the same year. A conservative in music, he resisted the Liszt-Wagner movement, but was a supporter of Schumann and a strong adherent of Brahms. He died at Baden, near Vienna.