Hallen, Andreas


Swedish dramatic composer; born at Gotenburg. He studied under Reinecke at Leipsic, Rheinberger at Munich and Rietz at Dresden. From 1872 to 1878 he directed the concerts of the Musical Union of Gotenburg, returning in 1883 to the same position. He spent most of his time during the interval at Berlin. Thus far he has published Harold der Viking; two Swedish rhapsodies; Vom Pagen und der Konigstochter, a song-cycle for solo, chorus and orchestra; Traumkonig und sein Lieb; Das Ahrenfeld, for female chorus, with piano; Vineta, choral rhapsody, with piano; Romance for violin, with orchestra; and German and Swedish songs. His latest opera is Waldemar, 1899. Though Hallen's music is not generally known outside of Sweden and Germany, it is very popular among the Swedish singing socities of the United States.