Hall, Marie


Born at Newcastle-on-Tyne. She began her career as a harpist, playing in the streets of English towns. Her first instruction was from her father, who wished her to continue with the harp, but she showed a marked preference for violin. She studied under Edward Elgar in Malvern in 1894; Professor Wilhelmj for a short time in London; Max Mossel at the Midland Institute in Birmingham in 1898 and Professor Kruse in 1900. In 1899 she won a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music, but was too poor to avail herself of it. Through Kubelik's influence she went to Prague to study under Professor Sevcik. Her first appearance was in Prague in 1902, and the next year she played in Vienna and in London, making a great success. In 1906 she was booked for a series of thirty concerts in the United States and Canada. Her technique is wonderful and surpasses anything done yet by a British subject. She possesses a beautiful Stradivarius violin, formerly owned by Viotto, and which has been played upon by Paganini.