Haffner, Johann Christian Friedrich


German organist and composer, born at Oberschonau, in Prussia. Vierling was his first teacher, and, in 1776, he entered Leipsic University, supporting himself as a proofreader. He became the leader of a traveling opera troupe, but, in 1830, was appointed organist in Stockholm and also accompanist at the theatre. The success of his three operas, Elektra, Alcides and Rinaldo, in the style of Gluck, earned for him the position of chapelmaster at the Court Theatre. In 1808 he was made Cathedral organist at Upsala, and 1820 musical director of the University. He revised the melodies of the Geijer-Atzelius collection and edited a Svensk Choralbok, containing many choral melodies of the Seventeenth Century and added preludes. He also arranged a collection of old Swedish songs in four parts, but only completed two books before his death.