Hackh, Otto Christoph


Pianist and composer; born at Stuttgart. He studied in the Conservatory there, under Pruckner and Speidel for piano, and Seifriz for harmony and composition. From 1872 to 1875 he was first assistant teacher to Speidel, and from 1877 to 1878 he toured southern Germany, Tyrol and Switzerland. During 1878 he gave concerts and taught in London. He again toured in 1879, and the next year went to New York, where he remained until 1889 as head of the piano department in the Grand Conservatory. In 1888 he studied under A. de Kontski. After two years of private teaching, and three years spent in Europe, he became a teacher in New York and Brooklyn, where he still remains. Hackh has composed about two hundred pieces for solo piano, for four hands, and for piano with orchestra. He has written much dance-music and many songs.