Gruenfeld, Heinrich


Excellent violoncellist, brother of Alfred; was born at Prague, and was a pupil of the Conservatory there. In 1873 he became solo cellist of the Comic Opera, Vienna; in 1876 he went to Berlin, where he taught in Kullak's Academy for eight years, and was also first cellist in the Symphony Orchestra. In company with Xavier Scharwenka and Gustav Hollander he gave a number of concerts, and in 1886 was appointed cellist to the German Emperor. He enjoys a high reputation as a solo player, and is inclined to the modern school of compositions, although not deficient in the classics. He has made professional tours through t Europe and America, and has met with perhaps his greatest successesjn Italy and France. He is the recipient of a number of honors and badges from various foreign dignitaries and societies, and is said to be most generous in giving his services for charitable purposes.