Grosheim, Georg Christoph


German composer and writer; born at Cassel. Lived there an uneventful life in cramped circumstances, and died at the age of eighty-three years. His published works include two operas, Titania, and Das heilige Kleeblatt; Hector's Abschied, for two solo voices with orchestra; Die ten Gebote, in one to four parts, with orchestra; preludes for organ; variations and fantasias for piano; school songs; a collection of popular airs; and an arrangement for piano of the score of Gluck's Iphigenia en Aulis, with German text. Most of h?s works were never published. He edited for a year, 1797 to 1798, a musical paper, Euterpe. He also published the following treatises: Das Leben der Kunstlerin Mara; Uber Pflege und Anwendung der Stimme; Chronologische Verzeichnis vorzuglicher Befprderer and Meister der Tonkunst; Fragmente aus der Geschichte der Musik, and a Generalbass-Katechismus.