Gregoir, Edouard Georges Jacques


Belgian pianist, composer and writer, brother of the following; was born at Turnhout, near Antwerp. On completing his studies under Rummel, he made a successful debut in concert at London, and traveled the next year. After a short time as professor of music in a school at Lierre he settled at Antwerp, where beside composing and writing, he was active as a reformer in methods of music teaching as they existed in the Belgian governmental institutions. He was a prolific composer. Noteworthy among his works are Les Croisades, historical symphony; La Vie, oratorio; Le Deluge, symphonic oratorio; Marguerite de' Autriche, grand opera; De Belgen in 1848, drama with overture, airs and choruses; Leicester, drama with incidental music; Willem Beukels, Flemish comic opera; La Belle Bourbonnaise, comic opera; two overtures; part-songs for male chorus; and pieces for piano, violin, organ and harmonium. He also wrote a number of historical and biographical essays which are still valuable, though not considered entirely reliable, and contributed largely to musical periodicals. His Histoire de 1'Orgue, Brussels, 1865, contains biographical sketches of Dutch and Belgian organists and organ-builders.