Grazzini, Reginaldo


Florentine conductor and composer; studied under Mabellini at the Royal Conservatory in his native city, later becoming conductor of opera there. In 1881 he became director of the Civic School of Music, and also of the theatre at Reggio d'Emilia. In 1882 he went to Venice in the capacity of artistic director and professor of musical theory at the Liceo Benedetto Marcello. At the time of his death he was still in this position, and also was professor of counterpoint at the Royal Institute of Music of Florence. He was a composer of some note; his works including a sacred cantata; a mass in three parts with orchestra; Marcia solenne; symphonies; piano music; and an opera in manuscript. His reputation, however, is that of a church composer, his masses especially being highly esteemed. His death occurred at Venice, either very early in 1907, or very late in 1906, as the Paris periodical, Le Guide Musical, in the January 6, 1907, issue, records his death as having just been announced.