Grathen-Hoffman, Gustav


Vocal teacher and song-composer; born at Bnin, near Posen; attended a school at Bromberg, and afterwards taught in Posen. Being fond of music, he went to Berlin and studied singing under Stumer. He taught first at Potsdam, establishing there a singing academy for women; then after further study in composition under Hauptmann at Leipsic, he taught in Dresden from 1858 to 1868. In the latter year he removed to Schwerin, and the year after to Berlin. He .has written several works on vocal instruction, as follows: Die Pflege der Singstimme; Das Studium des Gesanges; and Practische Methode als Grundlage fur den Kunstgesang. He composed a great many songs, one of which, 500,000 Teufel, became extremely popular, and was translated into other languages. He also wrote duets, part-songs, vocal exercises, and some piano-music.