Gradener, Hermann


Composer; son of Karl Georg Peter Gradener; born at Kiel. Was first a pupil of his father, and from 1862 studied in the Vienna Conservatory. In 1864 he became organist at Gumpendorf, and a violinist in the Court Orchestra at Vienna. In 1873 he taught harmony in Horak's Piano School, and the next year in the Vienna Conservatory, receiving the title of professor some years later. In 1877 he was also director of the Society for Classical Music in Vienna, and from 1886 of a singing society. In 1899 he succeeded to Bruckner's former position as lecturer on harmony and counterpoint in the Vienna University. As a composer he was original but not prolific, and his chamber-music is most fairly representative of his ability. His works include a Lustspiel uvertüre; a capriccio and a sinfonietta for orchestra; an octet and a quintet for strings; impromptus, quintet and trios for piano and strings; a violin concerto; five intermezzos for violin and piano; sonata for two pianos, and other music for piano; variations for organ, trumpet and strings; and a number of songs.